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Whatever happened to the new new painters?

You may be asking yourself who are they and why should I have missed them?

They were a group of abstract painters who gained some notoriety around 1999/2000 for claiming that they were the true avant garde and that the current trends in the art world at the time were not. You can check out the original website for their infamous armory show here: http://www.anew.org/newnewpainters/.

For those who read this and have heard enough this is how you should be googling:

new new painters 

this will bring up a whole bunch of relevant hits whereas the umpteen hours I spent trying to remember their name and typing in new new combinations over over gave me nothing, nada, zilch, zero. There were some painters who I found that had a similar style and motivations but they weren't the ones I remembered reading in Art in America (July 1, 1999).

It took a trip to Michael's Arts and Crafts for some paints to find the info I needed, in a book. It was right near the Golden Acrylics dislay in a book rack in the book, The New Acrylics by Rheni Tauchid. I had seen the book before in Ashville, NC and thought about buying it because I had not heard of these people for years. Upon returning to the shop during an Amy Sedaris book signing(which was beyond insanely busy) with the intent to purchase the book, somebody had snagged it, and I bought a silkscreen book instead. That was a couple of years ago and I have not seen this book in stock very often at the big chain stores and kept forgetting about it. However,I now had the correct name of the group and went back to googling with better results.

Recent shows and current websites(I will update as I find more info):

This is site for the most vocal champion of the new new painters, Kenworth W. Moffett:

These are contemporaries, rivals, and just some people whose abstract painting has similiar goals, or techniques:

more info to come soon as well as pictures:)

Fred's Blog discussing art

Artist Fred Draper began a blog discussing art: drawnfrom
You can see Fred's paintings,drawings, prints and collages at his site: http://fpdraper.googlepages.com/
Fred Draper-Untitled Landscape
thanks for the add Fred:)


If you like Radiohead and cool technology being utilized for art then check this out: http://code.google.com/creative/radiohead/
No cameras or light were used to make the video and everything about it can be found at the above link(including a making of video and interactive stuff). Here is a still from the video:

you can see the people at pitchfork freaking out about it here and here.

Video Still from House of Cards video

Have fun.